Speak It Un-Apologetically II

It’s about that time again my good people!!! The holidays are here and everyone’s either in love or searching for love. I can be the first to say this starts with you. SO, if you are one who have those aching questions of how to get the love you are searching for or how to get love to find you, meet me and a few others to get those answers you’ve spent all year searching for. I am sure you have read all the books and ads in the many different magazines and online as well, but you will get your best information straight from the horse’s mouth(no pun intended)!

If you would like to join myself, Camille, and D.L. for a great conversation on love and relationships many different possibilities

Please Contact me at 901-240-1476


Time: 0730pm

Place : Call me for address


2 thoughts on “Speak It Un-Apologetically II

  1. Thanks for the interest and I will definitely post an article on this topic by the end of this week. The outcome was most interesting if I do say so myself. There were those who left with answers and those who left with questions unanswered/unspoken. I found that a lot of individuals had the answers to their own questions,yet needed that validation to give them what they needed to move forward with the things they desire in their own life as well as relationship. I dont want to spoil the article, so I will leave it here and also get this article written tonight so that you’ll get the chance to see what I actually experienced! Thanks again for the interest in Speak It UnApologetically!

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