“Who Should Persue Who? Is there Really A Rule? “

For the last few months, I’ve wondered about this question of is it the mans’ job to pursue the attraction or is it the womans’. Growing up, I was taught, the man should come to you,if this is something he desires. Well, what if the guys fear of rejection causes him to miss out on what could possibly be his lifetime love? Should she make the move if she notices’ the chemistry is on point or just brush it off?

I’ve also found that in some cases, some women are unapproachable and don’t even realize it. Some of these women, I’m close with and sometimes, I’m finding myself being this woman. Of course this isn’t about me so I will give you that memoir at a later date.

Could it be a battle of the who askes who because of our egos or is it because you want the chase? Lately, I’ve seen and spoken to a lot of men and women who were struck by someone they saw in the grocery store or standing in line at Mcdonalds,but hesitated to initate because they didn’t want to be the one to make the first move. I would assume that’s childish. Why not take a risk and find out where things could go or does it make you seem a little too desperate? If that’s the case, we’ve all been desperate at some point in our lives.

I guess my question is, would you risk embarrassment to ask someone you were interested in on a date or would you wait for the chase?

Jaunette Mays
Freelance Writer
B.A. Journalism


One thought on ““Who Should Persue Who? Is there Really A Rule? “

  1. I think there is nothing wrong with a woman asking a man out. If you have a read on the possibilities just use your own emotional intelligence to gauge whether he is the old fashioned type who needs to be in the driver seat or is a modern man who is comfortable with a woman who knows what she wants.

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